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New York Car Insurance Quotes

new york car insurance quotes

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New York Car Insurance Quotes

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Driving conditions can become hazardous when severe weather and high volumes of traffic combine. These driving conditions are why shopping around for the most affordable and comprehensive Car insurance in New York is essential. Keeping up with the latest criteria for Car insurance in New York is necessary if you want to choose the policy that best suits your needs. In the state of New York, driving without Car insurance is a violation of the law. In New York, motorists are mandated to carry three types of Car insurance coverage: bodily injury, property damage, and unintentional death. The annual premium for a standard policy in New York is $1,692 on average. It would help if you considered increasing your coverage, but only if your budget allows it.

Finding a Car insurance policy that caters to your specific needs is essential if you want to get the most out of your money in the Empire States.

New York Car Insurance Quotes

New York Car Insurance Quotes by Age

The following table shows rates by age:


Avg monthly rate

16 – 20














Over 80


New York Car Insurance Quotes by Marital Status

The following table shows rates by marital status:

Marital Status

Avg monthly rate









Average Car Insurance Rates in New York by Credit Score

The following table shows rates by credit score:

Credit Rating

Avg monthly rate







Car Insurance for High-Risk Drivers in New York

The following table shows the rate for high-risk drivers:

Safe Driver (No prior tickets, DUI, or accidents)

Avg monthly rate

High-Risk Drivers


Safe Drivers


Currently Insured vs. Uninsured in New York

See the following table for insured and uninsured:


Avg monthly rate

Not Currently Insured


Not Currently Insured


Currently Insured


New York Car Insurance by Education


Avg monthly rate

Associate Degree


Bachelor’s Degree


Doctorate Degree


High School Diploma


Less than High School


Masters Degree


Liability vs. Full Coverage Car Insurance in New York


Avg monthly rate

Full Coverage


Liability Only


Top  Best Car Insurance Companies in New York

Regarding customer service, satisfaction with claims, and pricing, several Car insurance companies consistently score at the top of the list. 

All of the following should be considered among the very finest Car insurance providers in New York:


The United Services Automobile Association (USAA) is recognized as a top-tier Car insurance provider in the United States. The organization routinely achieves high rankings in categories, including those measuring customer service and satisfaction with the company’s handling of claims. USAA is also well-known for its affordable prices and is typically one of the most cost-effective service providers in New York and other states.


New York City and upstate New York drivers and drivers in rural and urban areas of the state can get reasonable Car insurance with Progressive. Although Progressive might do better in customer service and claims satisfaction, the insurance provider remains a popular choice for thousands of drivers across the state.


The firm has decades of experience managing claims for consumers all around the state of New York. You can choose GEICO as your Car insurance provider no matter where in the state you live, and you’ll have complete certainty about the kind of service you’ll get.

State Farm

The finest Car insurance provider in the state of New York is State Farm. The largest insurance provider in the United States is called State Farm, and New York is home to many of the company’s locations. State Farm is well-known in today’s market for providing a high level of client satisfaction, excellent customer service, and competitive price, among other advantages.


There is a wide variety of Car insurance savings available via Travelers, in addition to chances to bundle coverage and other benefits. Additionally, the organization is well-known for its high customer service level and claims satisfaction. How Travelers handles the drivers of New York’s Car insurance claims is generally regarded as satisfactory by policyholders.


One of the largest Car insurance providers in the United States is Nationwide. Nationwide falls somewhere in the middle of the pack regarding customer service and claims satisfaction. Despite this, the company remains among the highest-rated insurance providers in New York.


Allstate is a massive insurance provider that serves the needs of millions of customers throughout the United States. Pricing is typically comparable to other solutions that rank particularly high on the list. Allstate enjoys brand loyalty among drivers in New York who prioritize prompt customer service, round-the-clock satisfaction with claims, a robust mobile app, and several possibilities to bundle their policies.


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