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Best Car Insurance Companies in South Carolina

Best car insurance companies in South Carolina

Auto Insurance

Best Car Insurance Companies in South Carolina

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Finding the cheapest cost for auto insurance is less crucial than finding a reliable provider. We can help you find the best car insurance companies in South Carolina. Where you live significantly impacts how much you pay for auto insurance. Cities with a high population density or a higher crime rate typically have some of the highest housing costs in the country. Estimates for the cost of full coverage auto insurance in South Carolina might vary by as much as $701, depending on the area in which you live.

When selecting a provider, price should not be the sole consideration. Each insurance provider offers complete protection at premiums lower than the state average. 

How to Find the Best Car Insurance Companies in South Carolina

Every driver has a unique history in terms of their driving record and the amount of road experience and financial stability they possess. Finding the best car companies in South Carolina could take a few different forms, depending on the person searching. The following instructions can guide you as you make your way through purchasing insurance.

  • Take into consideration the minimum needs for insurance in South Carolina
  • Take into account your specific requirements
  • Consider lender requirements.

Best Car Insurance Companies in South Carolina

If you live in South Carolina and are looking for the best car insurance available, the following firms might be a good place to start your search:

Car insurance company

Average annual total coverage premium



State Farm









Geico could be a viable option for drivers in South Carolina looking to keep their costs low. You can get an estimate of your payments by utilizing the coverage calculator provided by the insurer. The typical premiums offered by Geico are now ranked second to lowest on our list. The organization provides a comprehensive selection of savings opportunities.

State Farm

State Farm delivers its customers in South Carolina with high-quality online and mobile resources and local agents. They offer tailored assistance in the form of one-on-one service for each client’s policy. The organization’s typical premium ranks at the top spot on our ranking. 

People who feel more comfortable building a relationship of trust with their insurance agent in person may find that State Farm’s insurance products are the best choice because the company has representatives located throughout the state.


On our selection of firms, Travelers has the standard premium for complete coverage that is the least expensive overall. The strong performance of the insurer in terms of its financial strength indicates its historical capacity to pay out claims. Customers who are looking for a variety of optional endorsements and a comprehensive list of discounts will find Travelers to be a very appealing option.

You can acquire a quote from Travelers if cost or tailor-made protection is your top priority regarding coverage options. To tailor your insurance policy to your specific requirements, you can add additional coverage options such as gap insurance, rental car coverage, and ridesharing coverage.


One of the regional insurance carriers that operate in South Carolina is called Auto-Owners. On our list, it is the insurance provider with the second-highest ranking for client satisfaction. Although the company’s services are not offered nationally, it maintains a strong position in each location it serves. The organization provides excellent coverage in the specific areas it serves.

Additionally, the company offers exclusive endorsements.


is often ready to hire drivers that other businesses may consider a higher risk sets it apart from different insurance providers. South Carolina motorists may find Progressive to be particularly tempting. Maintaining a good driving record lets you see how much discount you could earn. 

People shopping on a limited spending plan can still go with this company.

To verify that Progressive is the best option for you, you should take advantage of its “Name Your Price” feature to ascertain which types of coverage are within your price range.

How Much Is Minimum Coverage Car Insurance in South Carolina?

The state of South Carolina has an average rate of $1,606 per year for the minimum required coverage. Geico has an annual rate of $1,044 on average, making it the auto insurance provider in South Carolina with the lowest cost for the state’s required minimum coverage. Farmers is the most expensive insurance company, charging an average of $3,493 per year for their policies.

How Much Is High-Coverage Car Insurance in South Carolina?

In South Carolina, the maximum level of coverage costs an annual average of $1,864 per person. With an annual rate of $1,275 on average, Geico is the auto insurance provider in South Carolina that offers high coverage at the lowest possible cost. Farmers Insurance has the highest average premium, coming in at $4,278 per year, making it the most expensive provider.


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