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Oregon Health Insurance Plans

Oregon health insurance plans


Oregon Health Insurance Plans

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Health Insurance Plans-Oregon

There are many ways for Oregon residents to find affordable health insurance. Many people get insurance through their jobs, while others buy coverage through the state health insurance exchange. Seniors and people with low incomes can choose from affordable Medicare and Medicaid plans.

Oregon Health Insurance Pans

Marketplace plans:

If you live in Oregon and don’t have health insurance through the government, you can buy a plan from the marketplace.

Open enrollment:

You can sign up for Health Insurance Marketplace plans in Oregon.

Marketplace for health insurance:

The Health Insurance Marketplace in Oregon has affordable plans for people of all income levels.

Off-market plans:

If you sign up for insurance directly with a company, you can choose the plans you want.

Types of coverage:

About 93% of the people who live in Oregon have health insurance. 49.3% of health insurance comes from an employer. About 21 percent of Oregon’s people are on Medicare, and 16.2 percent are on Medicaid. 7.1% of the people in the state don’t have health insurance.

Health Insurance Cost in Oregon

The Health Insurance Marketplace in Oregon classifies health care plans into three metal-based tiers: bronze, silver, and gold. These plans have a tiered structure, with increasing levels of coverage and costs at each story. Health insurance policies in the bronze tier often have the lowest monthly premiums. The monthly expenses for silver and gold plans are higher.

Make sure the monthly and per-use fees work for you and your family before settling on a single plan.

Average Premiums in Oregon






Most affordable Bronze plan






Most affordable Silver plan






Most affordable Gold plan






Short-term Oregon Health Insurance Plans

Short-term medical coverage can be purchased from private insurers by residents of the state of Oregon. It is required that the duration of a policy not exceed three months, including any extensions. Within the first sixty days after the expiration of an existing policy, new policies cannot be sold to the beneficiaries of that policy. However, short-term medical coverage typically comes at a lower monthly premium than other types of health insurance. Your coverage won’t cover all your expenses.

Oregon Health Insurance Plans for Seniors 

Through the federal Medicare program, Oregon senior citizens have several choices available to them when it comes to obtaining health insurance policies at an affordable price.

  • Original Medicare is the primary form of Medicare that the federal government runs. It pays for hospital care, preventive services, long-term medical equipment, and other medical services. It doesn’t pay for the medicine. Different plans can help pay for prescriptions. These plans are called Medicare Part D.
  • Private insurance companies are the ones who sell Medicare Advantage Plans. Plans have to cover at least as much as Original Medicare. Many Medicare Advantage plans cover extra services like prescription drugs, dental care, and vision care.


You need to be 65 or older or disabled, to be eligible for Medicare.


The initial enrollment periods for Medicare are as follows:

  • Initial enrollment:

Initial eligibility begins three months before your 65th birthday and expires three months after your birthday.

  • General enrollment:  

Generally, you can sign up for Medicare from January 1st to March 31st.

  • Enrollment Period for Medicare Advantage:

Changes to Medicare Part C, generally known as Medicare Advantage, must be made between January 1 and March 31.

  • Enrollment Open:

In most years, the period between October 15 and December 7 is when people can either begin coverage or change their current policy.

  • There are specific times throughout the year when you can enroll:

If your coverage ends or your eligibility status changes outside the typical enrollment window, you may be eligible for a particular enrollment period.

Get Cheap Health Insurance in Oregon

Medicaid, and the Citizen Alien Waived Emergency Medical Care Program is Oregon’s primary program for providing medical coverage to low-income individuals and families.

In Oregon, low-income families generally enroll in Medicaid because it is the state’s default affordable health insurance program.

Medicaid in Oregon

is a program run by the state and the federal government. Anyone who lives in Oregon and meets the requirements can join. The program pays for all or part of the cost of doctor visits, emergency care, and hospital stays that are approved. 

Medicaid also pays for some drugs you need from a doctor. There may not be many drugs on the list.

CAWEM in Oregon

People who live in Oregon can get some health insurance coverage, but not much. CAWEM can also help you obtain prenatal care if you have a low income but can’t get Medicaid. 

The program also pays for the hospital care needed for the birth, and babies born through the program can get up to a year of extra health coverage for children.



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