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The Best and Cheapest Auto Insurance in Ohio 2022

cheapest auto insurance in Ohio

Auto Insurance

The Best and Cheapest Auto Insurance in Ohio 2022

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Even the cheapest auto insurance in Ohio can protect you and your vehicle in the case of an accident. It is a good safety measure that can protect you from unplanned, expensive, and sometimes catastrophic events.

Good auto insurance rates may seem elusive if you are a driver in Ohio. Your driving record and other factors will determine the cheapest auto insurance policy. In Ohio, a minimum coverage policy covers only the injuries and property damage of the other driver up to your policy limits.

The average cost of cheap car insurance in Ohio 

In Ohio, the annual average cost of comprehensive coverage is $1,200. The minimum coverage costs $336 annually on average. The average cost of car insurance in Ohio is a lot less than in nearby states.

The low cost of auto insurance can be due to various factors. It includes a relatively low number and severity of accidents and a small percentage of uninsured drivers.

The cost of car insurance 

premiums varies by state. The other factors involved are

  1. Car insurance companies
  2. The types of insurance you select
  3. Age
  4. ZIP code
  5. Driving record 

The good news is that Ohio drivers pay significantly less for auto insurance than the national average.

  • Full coverage costs Ohio drivers $1,200 annually on average. The minimum annual premium is $336.
  • In the United States, the average annual premium for minimum coverage is $545, while the average annual premium for full coverage is $1,771.

The average cost of full auto insurance in Ohio is about 32% less than the average cost of full insurance in the rest of the country.

Rates for car insurance in Ohio vary by company.

The actual price you pay for your insurance in Ohio will ultimately depend on what insurance company you choose.

Some auto insurance providers in Ohio, such as Geico and Hastings Mutual, offer more affordable coverage than others. Allstate and Esurance have average rates that are much higher. To find the cheapest auto in Ohio, you can call multiple insurance companies to get prices, or you can make one call to us and let us do the comparing for you,. 

The table shows some companies with the best and most affordable auto insurance in Ohio. They charge on average for car insurance every year.












Central Mutual Insurance Co





















Hastings Mutual









State Farm









Rates for car insurance in Ohio by city

Some Ohio cities may have higher auto insurance premiums than others. The factors include the number of non-insured drivers and the greater chance of bad weather. According to the data, the average rates are highest in Cleveland and the lowest in Mansfield.

Rates for car insurance in Ohio: Age

Young drivers pay the most. Young drivers have less driving experience and are more prone to collisions. Unless you have another problem, such as a poor driving record, your auto insurance rates typically begin to decrease when you turn 25. Rates for car insurance start to rise again around the age of 70.

Rates for car insurance in Ohio by: Driving Record

When you get car insurance for the first time, and whenever your policy is up for renewal, your insurance provider will look at your driving record to determine your premium. If you have anything negative on your records, such as a conviction for speeding or an accident you caused, your rate will go up, which could cost you more money.

Want to save on car insurance?

Ohio’s auto insurance rates are lower than average, but many drivers want to save more. Here are a few ways to lower your rate:

  1. Benefit from discounts: Find car insurance companies that will give you discounts. People who have never made a claim and people whose cars have high-tech safety features can often get discounts.
  2. Pay the entire premium: If you can pay your annual car insurance premium in full, your insurer may lower your rate.
  3. Keep your driving record clean: Drivers with clean driving records usually pay the least for car insurance and may be eligible for discounts for being safe drivers. Keeping your driving record clean could lower your premium if you’ve had at-fault accidents or moving violations. 
  4. Change insurance companies: If you shop around and find another insurer offering a better deal, switching insurance providers could save you money.

Cheapest Auto Insurance in Ohio (2022)

Erie has the most affordable auto insurance in Ohio at $32 for minimal coverage and $77 for full coverage. Erie Insurance offers cheap car insurance and many ways to keep your costs from going up or down while still getting good coverage. They are also known for their good customer service and financial stability.


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