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Car Insurance Services in New Jersey

car insurance services in New Jersey

New Jersey

Car Insurance Services in New Jersey

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There are two types of insurance policies that drivers in New Jersey can choose from standard and basic. With a typical policy, you can get coverage for drivers who aren’t insured or who don’t have enough insurance, but not with a basic policy. Also, depending on the insurance company, some basic policies don’t offer comprehensive or collision insurance options. We can help you with your car insurance services in New Jersey, we are just a call away. 

Coverage Minimum requirements
Bodily injury liability $15,000 per person/$30,000 per accident
Property damage liability                       $5,000 per accident
Personal injury protection $15,000

Drivers can lower their insurance costs by getting minimum coverage or a basic plan. But for some drivers, full coverage auto insurance may be a better choice.

How much does car insurance cost on average for car insurance services in New Jersey?

For a minimum coverage policy, auto insurance in New Jersey costs an average of $979 per year or $82 per month. A policy with full coverage costs an average of $164 per month or $1,969 per year.

Which company has the cheapest car insurance in New Jersey for young drivers?

Geico’s minimum coverage policy costs $1,017 per year, the least expensive New Jersey for a young driver.

How much do car insurance services in New Jersey cost on average?

Irvington has the most expensive car insurance in New Jersey at $2,936 per year for full coverage. At $1,715 per year, Frenchtown is one of the cheapest cities. In New Jersey, full coverage car insurance costs an average of $164 per month. It also costs $1,969 per year. But your city and ZIP code play a significant role in figuring out how much your car insurance will cost. We suggest New Jersey drivers compare online quotes from several insurance companies.

Best car insurance companies in New Jersey

Based on low rates, reliable service, and good coverage, NJM is the best car insurance company in New Jersey overall.

Finding the best car insurance policy involves looking at customer service and coverage options. Finding insurance at a price you can afford is important, but insurance is a service, so getting the coverage you can count on is just as important.

The best companies in New Jersey for cheap car insurance

To find the right car insurance for you, you need to know the rules in New Jersey.

But remember that minimum coverage limits are just a place to start. You might want to raise your coverage limits to protect yourself better.

Geico has the cheapest car insurance with full coverage in New Jersey:

Full range costs an average of $1,969 per year or $164 per month in New Jersey. This is more than twice as much as a liability-only policy.

Geico is the cheapest company in New Jersey for full coverage auto insurance, with coverage costing an average of $1,153 per year, or $96 per month. Drivers can also get cheap rates from Plymouth Rock, which gives quotes for $1,560 per year for car insurance.

Drivers in New Jersey can also get cheap car insurance from NJM and Plymouth Rock.

Both charge an average of $69 per month for car insurance.


Company Monthly rate
Geico $44
Plymouth Rock $69
NJM $69
State Farm $81
Allstate $99
Progressive $100
Travelers $108

Quotes for auto insurance with minimum coverage comply with New Jersey’s minimum state legal requirements. These requirements include bodily injury liability coverage of $15,000 per person and $30,000 per accident, property damage coverage of $5,000, and personal injury protection coverage of $15,000. 

Comprehensive and collision insurance are not included in minimum coverage policies, as opposed to whole coverage policies. Basic coverage is less expensive, but you might not be protected enough if you get into an accident because it gives you less liability coverage and doesn’t cover extensive damage or collisions.

Geico has the cheapest car insurance for New Jersey drivers, with liability costing an average of $44 per month.

Geico offers the most affordable vehicle insurance rates in New Jersey:

Quotes for minimal coverage auto insurance in New Jersey can be found at Geico for the lowest possible price, which comes to an annual average of $530. Geico’s policies have rates close to half as low as the state average for the bare minimum of coverage.

In New Jersey, the average cost of automobile insurance with the bare minimum required level of coverage is $979 per year or $82 per month.


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