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Auto Insurance Montana

Auto Insurance Montana

Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance Montana

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Auto Insurance in Montana

An auto insurance Montana policy is a contract between you and the insurance provider that secures you against loss of money in the case of an accident or theft. This contract protects you against financial loss if an accident or theft occurs. The property is covered under the provisions of auto insurance. It covers loss or damage to your vehicle, including theft. In addition to that, it provides medical and liability coverage. Therefore, the costs of treating injuries and undergoing rehabilitation are considered. In addition, having insurance protects you against a drop in the value of your vehicle. Continue reading if you want more information about auto insurance in Montana.

Cost of Auto Insurance on Average in the State of Montana

The state of Montana has an average monthly premium for vehicle insurance of $37 for a policy with minimal coverage. On average, a comprehensive insurance policy costs $146 per month. Montana has many companies that provide auto insurance. The best auto insurance companies in Montana are:

  1. USAA
  2. State Farm
  3. Geico
  4. Farmers
  5. Allstate

Get the Best Auto Insurance in Montana

You must research which auto insurance provider would best serve your needs. Finding the most affordable and comprehensive auto coverage in Montana will seem very different from person to person. When looking for auto insurance in Montana, there are a few factors to keep in mind, the most important of which are the following:

Evaluate your needs:

Your one-of-a-kind requirements for auto insurance help determine which company offers the policies that are the best fit for you. In addition, if you have a history of accidents, you should look for an insurance provider that offers accident forgiveness if you shop around for a policy.

Consider state factors:

Where you live typically has a huge effect on how much you spend on auto insurance. On the other hand, most auto insurance firms have local agents in each area code who can serve you in any way they can.

Is Auto Insurance Expensive in Montana?

Compared to the costs of minimal liability coverage in other states, Montana is a more affordable option. It is the eighth least expensive state in terms of required minimum coverage. The total cost of having comprehensive insurance in Montana is about the same as the national average. However, in terms of the state’s overall cost of living, it comes in at number 32.

Auto Insurance Montana Discounts

Discounts on auto insurance policies such as this assist in generating some of the most affordable auto insurance in the state of Montana:


Many personal discounts are available, which can help you save money. Also, special discounts are available for senior citizens, teen drivers, and excellent students. In addition, some insurance companies, such as USAA, specialize in serving military personnel’s needs. They provide the same for veterans as well.


The safety features of your vehicle can result in cost savings for you. For example, reduce the danger you put yourself in with safety equipment like anti-lock brakes and an anti-theft device. They can also help you qualify for further savings on your auto insurance premiums.


Signing up for auto-pay or going paperless with your invoice is two ways motorists in Montana can save money. In addition, when you renew your policy early, you may be eligible for additional savings in the form of an early signing discount.

Safe driver:

When you sign up for a telematic program, many businesses will give you discounts as a thank you. In addition, when you successfully finish a defensive driving course, many insurance companies may award you an additional discount on your premiums.

State minimum insurance requirements in Montana

Minimum liability insurance is required to be carried by vehicle owners in every state. The only injuries or damages covered by liability insurance are those sustained by other drivers and passengers on their vehicles. In the state of Montana, you are required to buy at least the following:

  1. Protection for injuries up to $25,000, which can be used to pay for hospital expenses or last expenses
  2. Protection for injuries up to the amount of $50,000, which can be used to pay for medical expenses or last expenses
  3. $20,000 worth of property damage insurance to cover any repairs or replacement costs

To Wrap Up

In Montana, driving without car insurance is a crime. Auto insurance Montana has an online system to make sure that drivers have at least the minimum amount of liability insurance. For the first time, a ticket for not having insurance usually costs between $250 and $500 or up to 10 days in jail. If you break the law a second time, you must pay a minimum fine of $350 or go to jail for ten days.


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